Monday, February 23, 2009

Storybooks & Zoo Keys TV & Radio Ad

Do you remember?
All the animals in the Zoo
are jumping up and down for you
Asking you to be sure to plan
a day at the Zoo as soon as you can.

Storybooks that really talk...
you turn on with a key,
tell fascinating things about
the animals you see.

Storybooks and Zoo keys
together guide you through.
A world of new excitement
awaits you at the Zoo.

Written & performed by Bruce Sedley in collaboration on the TV Ad with Animator-Artist Milt Kerr.

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Zoo Keys

Novelty plastic keys used in Talking Storybooks at zoos, parks and other exhibits. Children's entertainer and puppeteer Bruce "Skipper" Sedley invented the original tape-recorded-playback Talking Storybooks with their novelty keys in the early 1950s.

In 1958, Talking Storybooks operated by the Magic Key to Fairyland were installed at Children's Fairyland in Oakland's Lake Merritt Park. The familiar elephant-shaped key – Trunkey the Elephant – was created the following year for the San Francisco Zoo, and has been used at zoos & parks across America since the 1960s.